Thursday, July 15, 2010

What Do You Call A Healthy Butterfly?...A Margarinefly!

HaHa! I know! I am so funny! Look at what has happened to me....kinda turning into a bug nerd down here. My life lately has been consumed by pests and healthy eating/living. It has been a weird past few days as I have only worked a regular 8-9 hour shift as opposed to my regular 13-14 hour days. I like it both ways so Life Is Good!! I had the chance to go to DC the other weekend and it was fantabulous. There are so many people!! One thing that I love about big cities is the random busking in the streets. Spot the guys playing the garbage buckets/shopping cart? Spot me with the ridiculously long hair that I am loving!?

We are the ones sitting on the sidewalk.
So I wish I had more adventures to tell. I think Kody is kinda sad about the lack of crazy drama in my life...Hope all is going amazingly well with everyone at home! Love you all!