Thursday, January 20, 2011

Good Friends Are Like Fabulous Shoes....They Should Be Prized

Speaking of fabulous shoes....I need a few pairs. But speaking of fabulous friends, I have those in abundance! I just need to take a moment to share.

My parents are in Cancun this week. Yeah, I know-not fair! I am bitterly cold with jealousy but also excited for them. So I have been driving back and forth from Cardston to school this week which hasn't been too bad. I must say, Kaden and I have been living the good life. But there is a reason why I dislike Southern Alberta! The roads today got pretty bad and my Grandma called around 4:00 and expressed concern for me to be driving home that evening. I still had a 6:00 class so I wasn't really sure what to do. Heaven forbid if I ever missed a class!! I went and talked to the Professor and found out that in class they would be assigned topics for the Research Paper that we will be working on all semester. It was first come-first serve, so he said if I couldn't be there I would just get whatever was left over (and there were some REALLY dry topics). I weighed my options back and forth, but in the end I decided that I would go home while there was still a little light on the roads and just take the pitsy writing assignment. As I was getting ready to leave, I met up with Jason quickly because we were supposed to go over a bonus assignment for one of our classes during my break. I met Jason about 2 years ago in school and we have stuck together ever since. He almost switched majors so that we could be in the same classes together, but in the end we decided to just take the same electives. I explained my predicament and instead of being upset that I couldn't work on our project together, he said he would go and sit in my class for me and sign me up for the topic I wanted! So he waited at the university for 45 minutes and then went and sat through an hour and a half long lecture on the different techniques of literary citation (enthralling I know!) just so that he could make sure I got a slightly less boring topic than necessary!!! I can't think of anyone else that would go to someone else's class for them...!

So good friends really should be prized. I have so many amazingly good friends. I don't know how I got to be so blessed as to have both such fabulous friends and family!

Thank you Jason!!!!