Saturday, February 26, 2011

So This Is Love....

That's right! I have found the kind of love that makes you weak in the knees and warms the soul from the top of my toes to the bottom of my head. I never knew I could be this happy. I just want to lay in my bed all day dreaming and never get out.

It all started with my parents. People always say that your parents know what you really need, and this is so true! They changed my life and set me up with...a heated mattress cover! I come home from a long day at school, touch that magic little button, and suddenly feel like I can accomplish anything.

My room is the only room downstairs. Generally, the basement is the warmest part of the house....but ya, not where I live. I brought a thermometer from home a couple weeks ago just to see how cold it would get at night in my room. 4 degrees!!! So basically I sleep in a fridge. Lately it has been consistently around that 10 degrees though. Flipping freezing I tell ya! But with my new bed, well it is just the most amazing thing ever. Thanks Mom and Dad!

And I still love watching American Idol, even though my absolute favorite guy of all time didn't make it past Holly wood week. And I won't tell you what I think of Steven Tyler, because it makes my mom upset! But on Wednesday after the Girl's performance, I wrote down my top 12 of who I thought would be chosen...and I was bang on! 12 for 12 (even though they chose 13). Pretty impressive if I say so myself! But not gonna lie, I was sad to see Brett Loewenstern go. I did quite enjoy him.

Steve Beghun was my favorite! I could listen to the 30 seconds of him singing all day long. And he is an accountant!! It doesn't get any better than that!

(It was a corny joke though)

(ha shame on you for whoever thought this post would be about something else....)

Thursday, February 24, 2011

1 Year Anniversary!!

It has been 1 year since I ventured into my blogging beginnings! And what a year it has been! I turned 23 this week, and I have spent a lot of time reflecting on myself and who I am. I know I can be so frustrating with ALL my weirdness and indecisiveness and whims and peculiarities and absolute craziness. So thanks for being so great and putting up with everything! I honestly have the most amazing family and friends.
Do you want to hear a few things that make me a little strange?!? Some known--maybe some unknown.
  • I wear nylons almost every flipping day. And I LOVE them.
  • I love sitting in the dark! When I go to the school to study, I find a little room on the side and sit in there with the light off. People walk past thinking it is an empty room and then give me the weirdest look when they see me sitting there! I even get ready in the dark and usually without a mirror.
  • I spent at least $100-200 on fresh blueberries while I was in Virginia. They were my guilty pleasure.
  • I can't sleep with any doors open.
  • I can't swim with my face in the water. Jenn and I go to the University Pool every Wednesday morning at 6 and I am like a 5 year old girl that can't get her face wet. I do laps with my glorified doggy paddle.
  • I sometimes keep the tags on my clothes after I buy them. I'm pretty sure my grad dress still has the tag on.
  • When I set my alarm, the first and last numbers have to always be the same. Like 6:16, 7:27, 4:54, etc.
  • My mom says I drink loudly. (I don't know what she is talking about but....)
So yes, there are just a few of my quirks. Thanks for putting up with all of them.

"Now and then it is good to pause in our pursuit of happiness and just Be Happy!"

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Keep Calm and Carry On

How many have you seen this line of products that range from books to posters to shirts to almost anything you can imagine?

My new scripture journal is one such book. The original slogan was a poster produced by the British Government in 1939 during the beginning of World War II, intended to raise morale during difficult times (fun fact?). When I first saw it, I knew it was meant just for me. How perfect- Keep Calm and Carry On. It is meant to provides a sense of calm during uncertain times. I need a lot of that in my life. Especially lately it seems like.

But ya know what...! Sometimes being calm is really hard and it bites the big one. Sometimes it just sucks. Don't you ever feel like you need to just let it all go? Yesterday, I found this....

Talk about my describing my week to a flipping absolute Tee. Just one thing on top of one thing on top of a billion things on top of a kajillion messed up emotions. And it's true. Sometimes you just need to freak out and cry a little. It is good for the soul, I swear.

But it's a new week and I'm back to being cool, calm, and collected.