Sunday, October 17, 2010

A Weekend of Firsts

Finally! Something to report! Although I will admit it's kind of bitter sweet. For obvious reasons I can't post everything but some of you know what I am talking about. So I have moved into good ol' Lethbridge on the West Side and it has been great! You all know my goal has been to be more outgoing and try and get out more. Well, I think I have been doing a pretty bang up job with that. This past weekend, there was a YSA activity "Battle of the Airbands". And no, I didn't dress up and dance around like a crazy person pretending to play an air guitar...but I did take part in a skit in between the acts while people set up. That is me taking leaps and bounds I must say!

Here is the skit that we did. Haha. It went really well.

I was girl number 1...not BonQuiQui. Ha that was my roommate, Jen. She fit the part perfectly!!

Then on Saturday, I went to my first hockey game ever! Yup, ever! I feel like I am officially a Canadian now. But before that excitement began, I was taken to the Calgary Tower for dinner. It was amazing! We had Calamari as an appetizer. I had never had it before and I didn't even gag. Impressed!? It's chewy, like everyone says, but not too bad. And the view, outside the window, was amazing.

He had timed things perfectly with the Sunset and everything...

But a date isn't a date without it's awkward moments. When we were first seated at our table, my date excused himself to use the restroom. The waiter came over and asked what our plans were for the rest of the evening. I told him we were going to the hockey game and it was my first game ever! We chatted for a bit and then my date returned to the table. The waiter looked over at him and said, "So, you're out with a Virgin tonight!" That didn't make things weird at all...The waiter then clarified that he meant I was a Hockey Virgin. I am positive there were better words that could have been used.

The game was amazing though! It was the Flames vs. Oilers face-off. I have always had friends say that Hockey Players are hot and sexy but I never saw the appeal. I always imagined black eyes, missing teeth--you know, the beat up look. But I must admit there was some definite eye candy on that ice as the game was getting ready to start. And our seats were 10 rows from the ice! I couldn't believe how close we were. I have never been much of a hockey fan but there was a moment or two when my eyes welled a tear.

There were so many people!

And we were so ridiculously close!

So I was somewhat disappointed that there weren't any fights but one of the goals went in off of someone's face and there was blood all over the ice. I could have gone with a not as great view of that...but pretty intense huh!

Wahoo! And the flames won!!!

So it was definitely a weekend of firsts. Now, I know there are several details missing from this post so if you want the rest of the details you will have to give me a call...

And I found this song and now I love it (obvious reasons)! Really you just have to listen to the first minute and a half.