Monday, May 17, 2010

Virginia Is For Lovers!

What a whirlwind of a month! It seems like just yesterday I was pulling all-nighters to study for finals and trying to find ways to squeeze more tutoring appointments in. School ended with a bang though. It was a busy but fun-filled few weeks. Even though I didn't graduate, I was ahead in my program so the faculty said I should be involved in the Grad Dinner because these students were the ones I went to school with. It was so great! These two teachers have been the most influential throughout my school years. I learned so incredibly much from them.

So school finished and I was off onto my next crazy adventure. GreenStar Summer Sales! It was a long 36 hour drive from Alberta to Virginia. It is so amazingly great to be here with Kyle and Jess and their little family! Partly because Kaden isn't here! Now don't get me wrong, I love my little brother, but whenever he is around---the rest of us are chop liver when it comes to the nieces and nephews! I just love that Grace and Noah are excited to see me and are always asking if 'Aunt Katie' is coming over. Most of the time it is all about Kaden, so it is nice to have the spot light for once.

Summer Sales has been an experience in and of itself!!! It is definitely a lot harder than I thought it would be! But I will forever remember the name of my first lady I sold. Kizzy Shoaf. I can't say I absolutely love what I do but I do think it is good for me. I'm gonna grow me a little backbone!!

So yes, summer sales has been interesting so far. The rest of the office we have here are absolutely awesome though. Everyone is so much fun! I love it! It is so great to be here for the summer. It is gorgeous down here and so green!

I had a crazy experience this past week though!!! My windshield wipers randomly stopped working one day. It wasn't supposed to rain but around 4 o'clock, we were all caught in a terrible downpour. I made it back to my car and was gonna go pick up the other girls so that they could get somewhat dry, but without my wipers I couldn't see a thing! It was crazy and I was in a pickle. So I put my farm-girl upbringing (ha) to good use and decided to improvise. Watch video below for the DIY windshield wiper demo!

So that is all for now! It is kinda a long post but it has been a muchly-needed update!
Hope you enjoyed!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Sweater, n.: garment worn by child when its mother is feeling chilly

Mothers! Is there really anything more wonderful? I know it has been forever since I posted and I will do an update soon, but right now I just want to talk about my mother. I can't even begin to express all my thoughts on what my mother has done and means to me.

I haven't been the easiest daughter these past few years, traipsing across the world from one country to the next. You just never know what I am going to do or where I am going to end up. But whether I am at school in Idaho, nannying in England, slaving in Waterton, studying in Lethbridge, or working in Virginia, I love calling home and just talking to my mother. She has always been a support for me in whatever I am doing. I can be having the roughest day, and my mom just somehow makes it all better.

Whenever we get together, it's always a gong show. Mom, remember our travels down to Rexburg to pick up my school stuff. Or when we went down to Echo with our TV dinners! Even a trip to Lethbridge turns into a crazy event. I will always remember our "clubbing" together in Utah and helping the lady find her way to the hotel with our GPS.

She is an amazing mother and grandma. If evolution really works, how come mothers only have two hands? My mom is the epitome of serving others. She does so much for other people. I will always remember my mom working so hard to fulfill her callings. It is impossible for this post to do justice to all my mom has done for me and others. I love her like the dickens! Heavenly Father knew I needed her for my mom.

I love you mom!