Sunday, November 21, 2010

I'm Still Alive!

School is coming to a close pretty quick here! I have absolutely loved this semester! It hasn't been too stressful and I have filled my time with a lot of tutoring...a lot!! For the most part it has been a great experience. But my inability to say no has gotten me into trouble once again!

My roommate, Jen, asked if I could tutor some of her friends in their University Stats class. I wasn't sure how their class would differ from the class I took, but I said I would meet up with them and take a look with what they cover. I looked through the front of their notes and the content looked somewhat I thought, "hmm, why not". That weekend I took a hard look into their text book and realized this wasn't just any old University Stats class. No, it was a Psychology University Stats class. Oh great! I spent 8 hours that weekend studying their class! What had I gotten myself into!?! But so far so good. I just have to spend more time going over their material than I do all of my own classes combined!

The formulas are absolutely crazy!

And they have gotten progressively worse since these ones.

But really, school has gone well so far. I am excited for the next few years.
I just want to brag about one of my students for a minute. Her first exam didn't go so well when she got a 63% on it. She really wanted to do better so she signed up for tutoring. We worked really hard together. Her next exam she aced with a 97%! I was so proud of her.

Wouldn't you love to come home from church to this?!?

Some guys thought it would be funny to put crayfish in our sinks and tub. We decided to thank them and cooked the creepy crawly little guys for their supper. Crayfish turn a bright orange color when cooked...gross.

I just took a picture with my phone so quality is poor but this one was really big and disgusting....take my word for it!

Melanie, my good friend from England, called me last week! I miss that girl so much. Anyways, she randomly got a phone call from this guy who said, "You don't know me but I recognized you at church today with a picture I have of you sticking your tongue out." Needless to say she was a little creeped out! But the guy went on to explain that he was a friend of mine and his name was John (well actually he would have said Elder Spencer). John is on a mission right now in the same area where I was when I was over seas nannying. He is serving in my old ward and has gotten to meet all of my dear dear friends over there!

This is the picture he recognized her from....she wasn't impressed!

But isn't she gorgeous! I miss her like this dickens and think she needs to come over here to visit!