Monday, February 22, 2010

Warning! Super Sappy Blog Post Below!

So today is the day I have been waiting for since I was six years old and learned what a Golden Birthday was. For those of you that may not know what I am talking about, today is my Golden Birthday because I am turning 22 on the 22nd. If your birthday was on the 14th, your Golden Birthday would have been when you turned 14...and so on.

Weird, but I was always so excited for my Golden Birthday and thought it would be some grand party. But today has turned out differently then I expected. My Family is scattered around the world and friends are just getting back into the whole stress school thing from having a week off. But today, I realized again how gosh darn lucky I am! I have the most amazing family in the entire world. Lethbridge was the one place I never wanted to go to school, but I absolutely love it and being close to home has been great. I love that I can make a quick jaunt home just to regroup and get my head back on straight. I love that even though I am not far away, my family always gets excited to see me when I come home.

My brothers are the best.
Kyle was the oldest so we were always at different stages in life. But I remember always wanting to be 'cool' like him growing up. As a typical girl, I loved the Princess and Fairy Tale movies and anything that had to do with Happily Ever After. But those girly movies couldn't compete with my all-time favourite: Star Wars. I wanted Kyle to think I was like him so I watched what he watched, and my love for Ewoks and Wookiees was born. I am so excited to move to Virginia this Summer and spend more time with Kyle and Jess and their little adorable family!

KJ has been a lifesaver for me! I know that if ever I am in trouble and need someone, I can call him without a moments hesitation. He is such a hard worker, which I know he learned from my Dad, and he is always so willing and loves to help. For instances that shall remain anonymous, I am so completely grateful for him it isn't even funny!! One of my favorite memories is coming home late at night (no longer within curfew hours) and heading down to my dark room. Without even bothering to turn on the light, I slipped some PJ bottoms on and looked over at my bed to see some strange lump. I turned on the lamp, flipped down the covers, and there was KJ smiling up at me with a mischievous grin on his face. I laughed and asked what he was doing still up-- and he said he just wanted to visit with me! How amazing is that!! There is nothing I loved more! That was a special moment for me!

And Kody. Gosh how I love and miss that boy! He writes me every week!!! Every week! Sometimes it is just a couple lines but it means so much to me. I am so incredibly proud of him and my other brothers that have served missions. It is no small thing that these young men do and I think they are just absolutely amazing!

Since the day Kaden was born, he held a special place in my heart! I pretended that little boy was mine and loved taking care of him. Other than my nephews, there just hasn't been a cuter boy in all the world. Sometimes it scares the living daylights out of me when I see how fast he is growing up...and he is so like me too! The love of reading part is great...the getting stressed out over small insignificant things- not so much! But he has the kindest heart in all the world. I know sometimes patience with him isn't always my strongest suite but he really is the greatest and I love him!

I am so grateful for how close Kennedy and I are. I looked up to her so much growing up. She spent a lot of time with me growing up that forged a bond between us. We are lucky and blessed, as that is something that a lot of sisters don't have when there is a 6 year age difference. I always felt so special and important when she spent time with me. I remember her giving me my first make-over! I can still picture the yellow shirt and skort I wore! Yes! A skort!!

I can't even count how many times I have told someone how incredibly lucky I am to have the in-laws I do! We've all heard the horror stories of crazy in-laws but my family has lucked out so far! Jess was the first, and has always been so great to listen to my crazy stories and give advice on what to do! One of my favorite memories is sitting on the floor with her and Kennedy, laughing ourselves silly as we shared stories. I was pretty young but I remember how special I felt at being included in that moment. Whenever I have a crazy story to share, I always know Jess will appreciate it like no one else! Eric and Shayla have been so fun to add to our family. I can't think of two better people more suited for Kennedy and KJ. Gosh how I love them all!

And there is so much that I could say about my parents! My Mom and Dad have stood behind me in everything I have tried to do! Which I know wasn't easy when I decided to traipse halfway around the world to "find myself". ( that wasn't the reason I left but I remember trying to play that card when talking to my parents about it.) But they are so great to me. I thank my Father In Heaven every night for sending me to such an amazing family. Apparently He knew it would take a lot of work to keep me in line. I love the one on one time that I get to spend with both my parents. I pray that someday I can raise my own family in the same way.

So this post has turned more into how blessed my life is and what amazing people I have been surrounded by! My Family is definitely first and foremost! But there are so many other things that I am grateful for:
*My amazing friends- Megan, April, Katelyn, Leah, Cole, Jason, Melanie, so many more!
* My calling in Church
*Tutoring Job

So I just hate being in pictures, but I realize that is almost the cardinal sin of blogging. I will try really really hard to be good and take pictures...and maybe even smile in one or two. But for this post, my pictures are very much lacking so I just grabbed a few, old as they may be!

I don't have any pics of adorable Max and Seia but hope that will be soon rectified. So thank you for bearing with me during this incessantly long post ,but I just had a few things I needed to say!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Irony At It's Best

So this was on the front of our bulletin last Sunday....Valentine's a Single's Ward:

"Love is the fire that warms our lives with unparalleled joy and divine hope. Regardless of our current state, there is hope for us."
-President Dieter F. Uchtdorf-

Haha! I love it!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

There is a first for everything!

So I have been wanting to start a blog for a long time but mostly just hummed and hawed and threw the idea back and forth. In looking back at my journal from 2009, it was ridiculous to see how many goals I had made that never lasted a week! I am the epitome of one who has the "road paved with good intentions..." and decided that needs to stop!

So 2010 is my year! It has already been fantastic but I want to make it even better. I am taking the necessary steps to make some of my dreams from the past 6 years become a reality! And plus, I wanted to start a blog to journalize some of the crazy things that happen in my life....shame I didn't have this up and running 6-7 months ago! Those times were a real doozie and provided my apartment with great entertainment for weeks. But let's hope in the months up and coming there will be some good times to post about....